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Our Story

People prosper when neighborhoods bloom.

Since its founding in 1968, Two Trees, a Brooklyn-based, family-owned real estate development firm, has owned, managed and developed a portfolio worth more than $4b in real estate. Today, Two Trees currently owns and manages more than 2,000 apartments, and an additional 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial real estate throughout New York City.



Total Portfolio

$4 billion








3 million

Vision and Philosophy

People prosper when neighborhoods bloom.

Two Trees believes that successful neighborhoods in New York City offer a wide variety of uses, and attract diverse groups of people. Furthermore, our corporate philosophy is founded upon the principle that the developers and property-owners must play a fundamental role in cultivating livable streetscapes.

Successful urban development is about mixed-use, responsible, long term growth.

Two Trees has a long track record of supporting creative and community-based tenants, integrating affordable housing into market-rate development and engaging in public-private partnerships to fund and construct neighborhood infrastructure and amenities such as schools, parks and cultural spaces. We feel that we have a civic responsibility to contribute to the prosperity of the neighborhoods where we develop and that ultimately, these endeavors add value to our assets. As long-term property owners, we invest in community amenities that may not have immediate financial returns, but add to the vitality and sustainability of the neighborhood over time.


The Walentas

When David Walentas moved to New York City in 1968, he was immediately inspired by the cityscape. Motivated by this appreciation, Walentas set out to mindfully develop New York City neighborhoods and the things that make them so unique: artistry, family-owned businesses and connectivity.

Since founding the company almost 50 years ago, David’s son, Jed, joined the family business as CEO of Two Trees. In recent years, Jed has assumed daily operating responsibility of Two Trees and oversees all aspects of the acquisition, development, construction building and leasing of Two Trees’ properties.


Two Trees is known for its singular role in transforming the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO where the company’s holdings include 12 buildings comprising more than 3 million square feet of commercial and residential space. Starting in 1974 with a 13-building purchase in DUMBO, Two Trees has built, rented or sold more than 800 apartments, and invested over $200 million into the neighborhood, including the development of Brooklyn Bridge Park and a donation of a public pavilion and restored carousel, contributing to the overall transformation of the area.

As a result of Two Trees’ efforts, DUMBO has grown from a neglected industrial waterfront into a vital multi-use-community. A popular destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike, DUMBO is known for its boutique retail, innovative technology firms, luxury residences, art galleries and performance venues.


Over 4 Million Square Feet and Counting

Two Trees currently owns more than 4 million square feet of commercial, industrial and residential real estate throughout the US with the majority of its properties located in New York City and employs 300 people to develop and manage its properties.


Community Collaboration

Development processes have grown increasingly dependent on community participation through initial surveys and open community meetings. Two Trees employs an in-house curator and civics team to coordinate philanthropic efforts with the vision and mission of the company, and to respond to neighborhood demands not met by traditional real estate development companies.

Priorities such as hosting design competitions for new buildings, or restructuring waterfront park access are born through honest discussions about what is the right decision for the city and neighborhood from a long-term perspective.

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