June 20, 2017

Abir is a singer-songwriter whose rising star is only getting brighter. Just last month, she moved into Mercedes House as part of our Apartment Stories partnership. Over the next two years, Abir will document her life in the building on Instagram (@xoabir) and Twitter (xoabir), giving us an intimate look at what’s it’s like to live and work as a musician in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. We asked her a few get-to-know you questions as she settled into her new place.

What does a typical lazy night in look like for you?

My lazy night consists of sweatpants and no make up, ordering in some delicious (not so great for you) food, Netflix and some Talenti (Sea Salt Caramel Gelato/Sorbet to be specific!)

What's your getting ready routine before a show?

I'm usually sipping on some tea, blasting some music as I plan out my outfit and do my glam, and then once I'm all dressed and ready to go, I try my best to lay low until showtime!

What's your wind-down routine once you get home?

After a show I'm usually too amped so I end up just getting home and crashing on my bed! :)

Did you have a move-in playlist/what was in it?

We were all jamming to Bob Marley for some good vibes while driving from Queens to Mercedes House, then unpacking/dancing to Wizkid and Mr Eazi once we got to the apartment!

Biggest differences you've noticed between your old and new neighborhood?

Some of the biggest differences I've noticed is the food and people. Living in the city allows you to the grind happening 24/7 which really inspires me to keep going. On the food note, I've never had so much ramen near by!!! I've tried every ramen spot within a 10-15 block radius and it's only been a month ;)

What are 3 words that describe your decorating style?

Eclectic, modern, and fun!

What's your favorite room/spot in your apartment & why?

My favorite spot in my apartment is definitely the corner where my Moroccan Pouf lives! I always find myself sitting on it for hours doing work. It's right near the view!

What do you think makes an apartment a home?

I think adding pieces of the things that make you, you makes an apartment a home. For me, it's the memories I've collected throughout the years, photo frames of old friends and family, the mug my sister gave me for my birthday years ago, the Moroccan rug my parents finally let me have, and the process of making it all fit in a stylish way.

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