November 20, 2019

In the past decade, Williamsburg has quickly become one of the most dynamic and exciting neighborhoods in all of New York City. It’s not an exaggeration that one can spend an entire weekend simply exploring the surrounding locale. While there are truly new experiences to try every day of the week, here are some things to do while in Williamsburg.

1 - Eat Your Way Through the Best Restaurants in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has some of the finest places to eat in all of New York City. You can choose from a plethora of cuisine types and styles, and with this much variety, there’s a restaurant for every budget. Here are some options:

  • American - Cafe Collete
  • Incredible pizza - Emmys Squared
  • Japanese - Suzume
  • Oysters - Marlow and Sons
  • Incredible steak - Peter Luger Steak House

2 - Don’t Forget About Smorgusburg

On every Saturday during the summer months, you can attend Smorgasburg Williamsburg, the largest outdoor food festival in America. Located at the end of Kent Avenue, and directly on the Williamsburg waterfront, Smorgasburg has a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline and boasts over 100 vendors who can cater to any palate.

3 - Get a Drink at the Best Bars in Williamsburg

Williamsburg also has a lively nightlife scene. Whether it’s an intimate dive bar or a bustling club, there are a multitude of options for exactly the vibe you’re looking for. Some popular bars are on Berry Avenue, Bedford Avenue or Wythe Avenue. You can take a walk down any of those streets and find a place to grab a drink. If you’d rather have a destination in mind, here are some places to grab a drink:

  • Pub grub - Surf Bar
  • Outdoor area with a dance hall - The Woods
  • Dog friendly relaxed environment - Lucky Dog
  • Huge beer hall with authentic German beer - Radegast Beer Hall
  • Upscale cocktails with views of the Manhattan skyline - Westlight (roof of the William Vale)

4- See a Movie In The Fanciest Way Possible

For a more relaxing night out, the Nitehawk Cinema on Metropolitan Avenue is an ideal spot. This classically styled movie theatre, which offers both current blockbusters and classic films, comes complete with in-theatre food and drink service. Get to your showing early and you’ll discover trailers from famous old movies rather than the standard pre-film advertisements. Moviegoers have the option of ordering full entrees or traditional movie theatre snacks, including truffle butter popcorn directly from their seat. For drinks, they offer a variety of standard options (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as specialty cocktails named after the movie you are watching.

5- Bowl at Brooklyn Bowl (And Maybe Catch a Show)

Bowling is another popular activity in Williamsburg, and avid bowlers have two main options when deciding: Brooklyn Bowl or Gutter Bar. Brooklyn Bowl, located on Wythe Avenue, is a both a modern bowling alley and concert venue. In 2013, Rolling Stone ranked it as the 20th best music club in the U.S., but because of that fact it often becomes crowded, so try to purchase tickets in advance. For a slower night, bowlers can also go to Gutter Bar two blocks north.

6 - Spend a Day at Domino Park or McCarren Park

Williamsburg’s waterfront park, Domino Park, is one of Williamsburg’s newest additions. Located where the old Domino Sugar Factory used to reside, the park opened in 2018 and has a children's playground, dog run, volleyball court, bocce court, and a playing field.

One of the hidden gems of Williamsburg is McCarren Park. This 35 acre park, located in north Williamsburg, has a pool, basketball courts, and a running track. It is the site of many fun-filled community activities and offers an opportunity to relax and unwind amid the busy city. If you’re feeling nostalgic for your childhood, you could even try to join one of the frequent pick-up games of kick ball.

7 - Have a Unique Shopping Experience

While Williamsburg has gone through many changes over the years, one aspect that has remained constant is its authority as a shopping destination. The neighborhood is home to many vintage clothing stores, including Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage, so named after the local subway station. For bigger retailers such as Whole Foods and Apple, Bedford Avenue will be your best bet. Bedford is the main avenue that runs through Williamsburg and is home to many different stores.