April 30, 2019

If you're planning on moving to Brooklyn or coming for a visit, you may ask yourself at some point how to get into Manhattan. Luckily, there are several ways to get to Manhattan from Brooklyn, most of which take less than 30 minutes. We lay out for you the best and fastest ways of leaving New York's largest borough for its most bustling.

Getting to Manhattan by Subway

The subway is going to be the cheapest and often the fastest way of getting into Manhattan. Nearly every major train line runs through different parts of Brooklyn. The most heavily trafficked tourist and residential areas of Brooklyn are usually located within a few stops of Manhattan.

From Williamsburg, Bushwick and Ridgewood: L, M, and J (15 to 30 Minutes)

From these neighborhoods - located on the borough’s north side - the L train is the best way of getting into Manhattan. The L train runs on a straight line across 14th street in Manhattan. It is one of the best trains for connections, letting you connect with the 4,5,6,R,Q,N,W,1,2,3,A,C and E. You can even use it to connect with the Path if you are headed into New Jersey. South Williamsburg also has the M and J trains which are good into getting into lower Manhattan. The J is best from getting from Williamsburg to Wall Street.

From DUMBO: F or C (10 to 15 minutes)

DUMBO has become one of the most popular residential and tourist neighborhoods in Brooklyn mainly because of the high end development being done, as well as its proximity to Manhattan. You can see all the cobble streets and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge all within 1 stop of Manhattan on the F or C train.

From Fort Greene and Crown Heights : 2 or 3 (15 to 30 Minutes)

The 2 or 3 train runs down the vein of Eastern Parkway, making it the go to subway for those in Crown Heights. From Eastern Parkway it moves upward toward Fort Greene . Depending where you are, you should be able to reach Manhattan within 30 minutes.

From Park Slope, Barclays Center: B, D, 2,3 N,Q, R

Residents of Park Slope or Barclays Center concert goers have a plethora of options for getting into Manhattan. It will take about 20 to 30 minutes to get into Manhattan from the Barclays or Park Slope, but it only takes one train.

When the Subway Is Not the Best Option:

There are times when getting into Manhattan can become complicated and you should use other forms of transportation. There will be times where your destination in Manhattan is served by a subway not located in your area of Brooklyn - requiring you to make a few transfers. For example, if you wanted to get from Crown Heights to Soho, that would require taking the 3, the 5 and then the B. That journey can take about 40 to 50 minutes.

Uber, Lyft and Taxis

While more expensive, if you need to get into Manhattan in less than 30 minutes and the subways are either delayed, closed down or your in an area of Brooklyn without the subway you need, rideshare or taxis are the next best option. Depending on the time of day and weather, Uber rides from Brooklyn to Manhattan will likely cost you about $20 to $30. If you are going uptown (past 34th street) then it will likely cost $30 to $50. Unless you are leaving during rush hour, you should be able to get into Manhattan within 30 minutes.

Busses from Brooklyn to Manhattan

In NYC, busses usually end up being the better option for intraborough travel rather than interborough travel. There are only 9 bus routes that run between Manhattan and Brooklyn and none go directly past midtown Manhattan. They mostly serve lower manhattan and the beginning of midtown so if your destination is past 34th street, you will need to take a subway anyway. Furthermore, even if your destination is located on a bus route in Manhattan, you should expect it to take longer than a subway or cab. For example a bus ride from Barclays Center will take about 40 minutes compared to just 20 for the subway.

There’s Also a Ferry

There is also a ferry for those who are adventurous or for those who live in Green Point. Green Point is notorious for being bereft of public transportation with only the G serving the neighborhood. Transferring from the G to the L into Manhattan is still probably going to be the fastest route for you if your destination is anywhere in lower Manhattan. If your destination is around 34th street, the ferry only takes 12 minutes to get from Greenpoint to Manhattan. From there a 10 minute walk puts you right into the heart of midtown.