June 20, 2017

Tavi Gevinson is a self-made media mogul, style icon and just so happens to be one of the newest residents of 300 Ashland. Tavi moved in last month as part of our Apartment Stories program, and for the next two years will be sharing her life in and around the building with us through her Instagram (@tavitulle). To get to know her a little bit better, we asked Tavi a few questions about what she’s been getting up to in her brand new digs.

What's your typical lazy weekend routine?

Pointlessly rearrange books while watching Broadcast News or another James L. Brooks vehicle. Walk to Fort Greene park to look at dogs.

Biggest differences you've noticed between your old and new neighborhood?

There's more breathing room. The greener, more residential parts remind me of my old block in the West Village, but my actual home is less cramped. I also love being close to wide open stretches that feel like when I lived in Chicago.

What's on your Netflix queue?

I have the family login hookup, so it's like, The Andy Griffith Show, historical dramas, and Oscar contenders from 2014.

What are your favorite restaurants nearby?

Roman's, National Thai Restaurant, and Olea.

What are 3 words that describe your decorating style?

Preternaturally lived-in.

What's your favorite room/spot in your apartment & why?

Probably my desk in the corner of the living room, facing the window--it's kind of a dream to work with that view. I get sunrises if I'm early enough, and it affects the day more than I would've imagined.

What do you think makes an apartment a home?

Stuff! I have so much stuff! And it all has meaning to me. I don't like being out as much as New York life/work can demand. I'm happiest in the organized chaos of my belongings and my memories.

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